Installation in Great Neck Arts Center, NY

Branches, twine and laser photo prints
15" x 8" x 12'

Copyright 2012, John Day

A reliquary can be defined as a repository for
surviving traces of something, fragments, or
objects kept in remembrance.  The laser prints
hung in the installation are also relics
otographs of roots, trees, branches, vines,
pools and streams, rocks and moss. The
photographs were collected on hikes during the
past 20 years in forest preserves throughout the

Reliquary is an installation where images from all
of these locations can be brought together in one
- a gathering place for memories of the
forests. A place where viewers can contemplate
the relationship between the space they are
standing in and the natural world, where they can
recall their own wilderness experiences.
Reliquary is interactive - viewers were invited to
take one of the prints attached to the rear wall
and tie it to the installation anywhere they wished.
Detail of Reliquary
Detail of Reliquary
Detail of Reliquary